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TravelSIM Обновлено: 11-10-2010

Universal international agency is the official dealer of company Travel SIM Ukraine. We provide services to activate starting packages and deposits, as well as all other additional services company TravelSIM.

TravelSIM - a prepaid mobile connection of the Baltic operator, which allows considerable savings on international calls (3-4 times cheaper fares Ukrainian operators), when you are abroad.

Card TravelSIM operates in 183 countries worldwide. Thus in 71 countries around the world - the subscriber will be free incoming calls! Among them, 28 countries in Europe and such popular resorts like Turkey, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Israel, and Russia. Incoming calls in other countries are paid in accordance with the order in which country are. For example, in Bulgaria 20 cents. The cost SMS - 40 cents of every country to any country (except for 54 rather exotic countries).

The cost of both incoming and outgoing calls remains the same at any time and does not depend on the mobile network registration. That is, you can choose any foreign operator - the cost of the call will not affect. The minimum charge for outgoing calls - 29 ¢ per minute and 118 countries does not exceed $ 1,00. Payment for calls - per minute (as in the majority of operators in roaming).

Connection fee and monthly fee in TravelSIM - absent. Guaranteed minimum duration of the mobile number - a year since the last call.

In addition, in most foreign countries to call on local phone cards with TravelSIM profitable than using the services of other operators. At the same time, if you call on TravelSIM from Ukraine (fixed line), in the business while it will cost you 66 cents and 55 cents - not in the business time. And this is somewhat cheaper than other mobile numbers of Western and Northern Europe, Israel, Turkey, Egypt, etc.


 outgoing $

incoming $

United Kingdom, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, France, Sweden, Greece,
Russia, Israel
Egypt, Turkey, Georgia, Denmark, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia
Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Italy
Hungary, Belgium



How to become a subscriber TravelSIM

You can buy
start pack services TravelSIM in the "Universal International Agency"  and change in the apparatus of your "home" simcard at TravelSIM. You can also take a second, separate unit for card TravelSIM. SIM card to mobile phone standard GSM and instruction  includes in the starter pack. A subscriber with a phone number to get the Baltic (37xxxxxxx) to make and receive calls and SMS. Starter Pack has a balance that can be used for calls and for sms.

Minimum price starter package TravelSIM - 115 hryvnia, which includes the initial balance of $ 5.


Account TravelSIM replenished through recharge codes. You can fund your account at the offices of JSC "Universal International Agency for an amount not to exceed $ 500.

For convenience

Very appropriate an additional service for Ukrainian prepaid roaming supports Mobile Translator. It can help you over the phone, on the spot to transfer calls to a subscriber of his interlocutors, for example, taxi drivers, waiters, salespeople, etc. Supports transfer of more than 100 languages.

For subscribers who do not want to miss incoming calls to their Ukrainian facilities and to their interests to minimize costs, are invited to provide direct numbers in different cities of Ukraine to set forwarding at affordable rates. Members of loyalty programs, such as "Panorama Club" by Ukraine International Airlines, can earn bonus miles per minute on the card TravelSiM.

As you can see, TravelSIM has many advantages compared with the services of other mobile operators:

*      Free incoming calls in many countries
*      competitive tariffs for outgoing calls in most countries, not only for calls abroad or in Ukraine, but also on local facilities
*      no connection fee and monthly fee
*      a single clock rate for any country, regardless of the network registration
*      number is known to travel
*      a full range of starter packs and recharge cards with the prices of the operator