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Turkish Airlines Hotel Desk Обновлено: 02-10-2019

Kharkov Istanbul


Turkish Airlines offers passenger accommodation services to hotels departing from outside Turkey, which have a connecting flight to Istanbul, departing at destinations outside of Turkey.

Terms and Conditions:

- Economy class passengers having a connection time of 12 hours or more, and business class passengers having a connection time of 9 hours or more, can use the hotel service for free if a transit flight with a shorter connection time is not provided for the respective trip. (For transit flights with a connection time shorter than the above, you cannot use this service, even if a transit flight with a shorter connection time is full. For example, if passengers are provided with 2 different Kiev-Dubai flights, as a flight with 6 hours connections and a flight with a 12-hour docking time, a passenger who chooses a flight with a 12-hour docking time will not be able to use this service, even if the 6-hour option is full.)

- The waiting period is calculated based on the landing time of the first flight and the departure time of the second flight.

- The proposed stay may be no more than two nights.

- Passengers who have tickets that give them the right to the service may lose this right if their tickets are modified to reduce the connection time.

- Hotel for the accommodation of passengers chooses Turkish Airlines.

- Accommodation services are available for international passengers traveling from outside Turkey who have a connecting flight from Istanbul Airport to their final destination outside Turkey.

If your travel plans meet these criteria, please contact the HotelDesk check-in desk at Istanbul Airport.


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